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Get your Ham Radio License!

Amateur (Ham) radio consists of three license classes:  Technician, General, and Extra.  You do not need to learn Morse Code to be an amateur radio operator!

It’s rather easy to get your ham radio license.  The first step is to obtain your Technician license.  To do this, you must take and pass an exam, administered by Volunteer Examiners, typically from a local amateur radio club. Many clubs, including ours, offer free testing. The FCC charges an administrative fee of $35 for the license.

The technician test contains 35 multiple-choice questions, randomly chosen from a question pool.  A passing score is 74%, which means you can miss up to 9 answers!  Don’t worry – these questions and the answer choices are available online to help you study!

Study for The Exam

We teach live, in-person classes to help prepare you to get (or upgrade) your license. You may also consider using other resources, see “Resources and Practice Tests” below.

Register for an FRN

You’ll need an FCC Registration Number or FRN when you take the test. To register for an FRN at no cost, go to the FCC’s web site here.

Take the Exam

Once you have studied the material and are passing practice tests, you’ll want to take an actual exam! The Geauga Amateur Radio Association offers free exam sessions!

Resources and Practice Tests

We follow the Ham Radio School curriculum for each class, and we recommend their study guides.

Purchase Study Guides Here!

We recommend hamstudy.org for practice tests and flash card-style study


Extra Class @ Geauga County Emergency Operations Center
Jun 28 @ 18:00 – 20:00
Extra Class @ Geauga County Emergency Operations Center
Jul 5 @ 18:00 – 20:00
License Exam @ Geauga County EOC
Jul 14 @ 14:00
License Exam @ Geauga County EOC
Sep 15 @ 14:00
License Exam @ Geauga County EOC
Nov 17 @ 14:00
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