Keeping our club great takes a lot of work, and we have a highly-engaged membership. Some of the members who go above and beyond are listed below.

Activities – reporting to director Lee Koroshes, KD8UAP:

  • Special Events – responsible for organizing the club’s participation in special operating events, such as Field Day, State Parks on the Air, etc.  Larry Shimerka, N8OWS heads up this committee, with assistance from Jim Tommer W8MIJ and Jackie Williams N8JMW.  David Andrzejewski, KD8TWG organizes Field Day.
  • Social Events – hosts various non-operating events such as the holiday party and club picnic. Linda Richard, KD8SUN and Linda Bowen, WB8QLT head up this committee.

Education – reporting to director Matt Welch, W8DEC:

  • Amateur Radio Classes – teachers include Larry Shimerka, N8OWS, David Andrzejewski, KD8TWG, Matt Welch W8DEC, Jackie Williams N8JMW, with help from other members, including Bill Hess, K8SGX and Dennis Teague, WB8DT.
  • VE Team – Jackie Williams, N8JMW heads up a Laurel VE Team and organizes the exam sessions. The club sponsors this team.
  • Outreach Sally Dawson, N1BCF is responsible for club promotions and outreach.

Operations – reporting to director director Megan Parsons, WB8IXZ:

  • Finance Committee – chaired by the club Treasurer, an officer on the Executive Committee, Linda Bowen, WB8QLT, maintains the club’s budget and advises the Executive Committee on dues.
  • Bylaws Committee – advises and makes recommendations on changes to the club’s Bylaws, chaired by David Andrzejewski, KD8TWG.
  • Membership Committee – chaired by Jackie Williams, N8JMW.

SecretaryLinda Richard, KD8SUN. She is an officer on the Executive Committee.

License Trustee for K8WHBNeal Fenster, NF1X. Neal is responsible for ensuring proper use of the club call sign, as well as any dealings with the FCC with regard to the call sign.

WebmasterDavid Andrzejewski, KD8TWG. Any errors or problems with the website are his fault.

Vice President – handles the President’s duties when the President is unavailable, acts as the club’s Parliamentarian, and is responsible for finding interesting speakers for the monthly membership meetings.  This position is currently open, pending a special election in January.

President – Chairs the Executive Committee and presides at meetings and performs other customary duties of the office of president.  Currently held by David Andrzejewski, KD8TWG.

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