Election Information

The 2017 election is underway – nominations have been set and the candidates have been chosen.  Voting will take place at the November club meeting. If will not be able to attend the November meeting, feel free to request an absentee ballot – simply contact us.




Vice President

  • David Andrzejewski, KD8TWG (Incumbent)


  • Linda Bowen, WB8QLT (Incumbent)

Director of Education

  • George Neff, WA8KLM
  • Megan Parsons, WB8IXZ


Election Process (From GARA Policy Manual)

  1. Elections will be held by written ballots at the Annual Meeting as set forth in the Bylaws;
  2. Elections will be chaired by the current President;
  3. Quorum will be the same as for regular meetings;
  4. A tellers committee consisting of four GARA members in good standing who are not on the ballot will be appointed by election chair;
  5. The tellers report will be given to the election chair for announcement to the membership upon completion of the count. The report shall include a vote tally;
    1. A recount may be called for by any member in good standing;
  6. Absentee ballots will be emailed to voting members, upon request. The following procedure will be followed:
    1. If a voting member is unable to attend the annual meeting, they may request an absentee ballot;
    2. A ballot will be emailed by the Nominating Committee who will keep a list of those to whom they were sent;
    3. Absentee ballots must be received via email before the meeting. Ballots received after the meeting will be invalid;
    4. If that member does attend the election meeting, they will not be given a second ballot.