Technician Class – Get Licensed!

Do you want to get your amateur (ham) radio license?  Not sure where to start?  Take our class!  It’s free.  Don’t want to learn Morse Code?  No problem, it’s not required any longer! We will walk you through everything you need to know to get your ham radio license.  Our instructors have lots of experience and are happy to help.

There is no cost to take the class.

Sample Curriculum:

  1. About Ham Radio
  2. Call Signs
  3. Control
  4. Mind the Rules
  5. Tech Frequencies
  6. Your First Radio
  7. Going Solo
  8. Repeaters
  9. Emergency!
  10. Weak Signal Propagation
  11. Talk to Outer Space!
  12. Your Computer Goes Ham Digital!
  13. Multi-Mode Radio Excitement
  14. Run Some Interference Protection
  15. Electrons – Go With the Flow!
  16. It’s the Law, per Mr. Ohm!
  17. Picture This!
  18. Antennas
  19. Feed Me With Some Good Coax!
  20. Safety First!